Consultation – We walk with you through the whole process. To get a clear understanding of our client’s needs, Kitchens Plus holds private consultative meetings to measure your space and, more importantly, get your input for your project.  While other professionals may seem to force or coerce their clients, we welcome your input.  Your input coupled with our expert advice ensures that you will be pleased with your decisions and the final product.  Although we do not sell kitchen countertops and tile, we will be right there to assist you in this stage of the process, helping you to choose the perfect cabinet/countertop/tile combination.  Please see our testimonials page.

Site measures - Kitchens Plus believes in the saying “measure twice, cut once”.  When applicable we perform an initial site measure to gather information for the designing and quotation stage and then we do a final measure before ordering.  This approach has proven to ensure consistent accuracy for the installation process and the overall success of the project.

3D Designs – Kitchens Plus uses a cutting-edge design program, 2020 Design Technologies. This computer program allows us to take your ideas and create a virtual replica of the proposed objective.  In other words, you will be able to see and move around in your kitchen before you even order anything.  Cabinet colors, countertops, crown molding, appliances etc. Everything is there in vivid colors like you’re actually there!  This service is quite popular, as there is no guessing with what your kitchen will look like.  You will be able to actually see what it looks like before its purchased!

Quotes and Estimates – We will provide you with a detailed quote so you can know exactly what you will be purchasing from Kitchens Plus.  We offer cabinetry at very competitive price points.  Actually, our goal is not to compete with other local business but rather to compete with if someone is opting to purchase directly from US companies.  It’s a “win win”; Kitchens Plus affords you the opportunity to “by Bermuda” yet still get product quality, customer service and prices that rivals US companies.

Cabinetry Sales – Now it’s time to order your beautiful Kitchens Plus cabinetry.  Once we’ve confirmed which cabinetry option you would like, received your deposit and completed the final measure we will then order your cabinetry (see cabinetry categories section for order timelines).  As mentioned previously, we sell good quality cabinetry at very competitive prices.  Rest assured, we know our local climate so we only sell cabinetry that will stand up to Bermuda’s most unforgiving weather.