Cabinetry Sales

Now it’s time to order your beautiful Kitchens Plus cabinetry.  Once we’ve confirmed which cabinetry option you would like, received your deposit and completed the final measure we will then order your cabinetry Read More


We walk with you through the whole process. To get a clear understanding of our client’s needs, Kitchens Plus holds private consultative meetings to measure your space and, more importantly, get your input for your project.  Read More

site measures

Kitchens Plus believes in the saying “measure twice, cut once”.  When applicable we perform an initial site measure to gather information for the designing and quotation stage and then we do a final measure before ordering.   Read More

3D Designs

– Kitchens Plus uses a cutting-edge design program, 2020 Design Technologies. This computer program allows us to take your ideas and create a virtual replica of the proposed objective. Read More

Quotes & Estimate

We will provide you with a detailed quote so you can know exactly what you will be purchasing from Kitchens Plus.  We offer cabinetry at very competitive price points Read More


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Good quality, great savings, excellent customer service! Kitchens Plus

Looking for top quality, competitively priced cabinetry?  You’ve come to the right place!  Just contact us and we can provide for you complimentary Kitchens Plus designs and quotes so you get the best price on your new cabinetry.  Kitchens Plus has solutions for every room in your home and we offer low, medium and high end cabinetry to meet any budget.  With our RTA line, we can offer 10’ x 10’ kitchens for under $3000.00 landed!  Regardless of which room you’d like to refresh or build, our designer will assist you in accomplishing a look to suit your lifestyle.  Contact us for ideas for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, home office, dining room, living room entertainment units and more.








Cabinetry can be broken down into three main categories:

Stock - Beyond color, style and hardware, you cannot affect the look of these cabinets unless you make alterations after purchasing.  Kitchens Plus offers four “stock” options with very competitive prices, all of which are in the Shaker style – Light Maple, Cherry, Espresso and painted white.  With such good quality, prices and a turnaround time of less than four weeks, our RTA line is ideal for rental units.

Semi-custom – You can choose some aspects of the cabinetry and hardware.  Modifications can be made at the manufacturing stage and you also have more style, color and embellishment options.  Because of this, semi-custom cabinetry orders have a slightly longer turnaround time (4-6 weeks) and cost more.  These are typically used in higher-end rental units or the buyer’s personal dwelling.

Custom – Two words- DREAM KITCHEN!  You have virtually no limit to your choices and can create the exact look your heart desires.  Kitchens Plus is the local dealer for Jim Bishop Cabinets Inc. which offers an almost endless variety of door styles, and if that’s not enough, you can even create your own personal door style.  They also offer a huge array of colors and even can color-match for the occasion where you have that very specific color in mind to maybe match or perfectly contrast your cabinetry with other décor in your room.  The turnaround for orders is typically 6-9 weeks but can take longer if you desire to create your own door or color match.

Please contact us for assistance in determining which category best suits your need.

We are delighted to write our satisfaction with designer Karim Spence, who created a state- of- the art kitchen for our east end home. The personal and professional services that Mr. Spence demonstrated while helping us, allowed us the opportunity to use local talent without having to go overseas. What we found so amazing was the fact that Mr. Spence was able to take our ideas and embellish them into a finished product that was custom made for us!

We extend our sincere thanks for his dedication and commitment to our project. He is knowledgeable and resourceful in his vocation and we wish him every success as he embarks on his new business venture Kitchens Plus.


With warm congratulations,


Lt. Col. Edward J Lamb & Mrs. Lamb



For any Kitchens Plus inquiries, questions or comments , please call: 441-533-2610 or

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Welcome to Kitchens Plus, your source for specialized kitchen and bath design and sales. With a main focus on kitchens and baths, we are also your source for closets, laundries, home offices, entertainment units and more . We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of designs and sales expertise, with a focus on exceptional customer service, expert creativity and integrity. Founded in 2015 by Karim Spence, Kitchens Plus is the culmination of hard work in some of the top companies in this field for almost 10 years . When Karim first started out, he quickly developed a passion and skill for helping his clients transform their homes with aesthetically appealing, yet, functional solutions . Not too long after working on projects with interior designers, architects, contractors and other professionals Karim became a foremost designer and prominent name in the local kitchen and bath industry .This passion also gave himthe impetus to turn his experience, determination and entrepreneurial spirit into a cutting edge kitchen and bath company - Kitchens Plus. Read More





For any inquiries, questions or comments ,

please call: 441-533-2610 or email  :

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